Not necessarily – even if you do not have enough in taxable income the available amounts can be transferred to a supporting family member or spouse.

Once the form is submitted to the CRA the process takes approximately 9 to 12 weeks

No it is tax free.

Normally the money comes in 2 to 3 installments via cheque……. If you use the Direct Deposit option the refund will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Not a problem, part of what we do is communicate with your doctor on your behalf to ensures he/she understands the process and how you may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all information is kept confidential and secure. We do not share your information with anyone, only with your written approval. All on-site documents are secured or otherwise removed and shredded by a private company.

Yes absolutely. However we are experts at this process, it is what we specialize in. You could file your own taxes but accountants know how to file and maximize your returns and we know how to maximize your benefits.

The amount that you get back from the government depends on many factors: age, duration of disability and taxable income.

You can still get money back from the government. Be sure to alert us of this situation if it applies.

Yes you are still eligible to receive a benefit back from the government.

You can apply for the benefit retroactively for 10 years.

We are not only interested in applying for the DTC but we can also guide you in applying for other benefits such as ODSP and RDSP.

Yes providing there is an Executor of the Estate and the doctor is still available.