Our Commitment

Our CommitmentWe at The Disability Benefit Group assist our clients in applying and getting approved for the Disability Tax Credit. Using our services it increases your chance of qualifying. Simply fill in the online form or CALL US to begin the process of getting money back from the government.

Our process is simple. Call us and provide with us some basic details about yourself or the person with the disability. We will send you a package containing several forms that need to be completed and returned to our office. Once these forms are received, you will be assigned a Case Manager to be your contact person and guide you through the remainder of the process.

Should the doctor have a problem completing, or questions regarding the medical form, we can contact him/her directly to assist. (written consent required)

The medical document is returned to our office for review prior to being forwarded to the CRA along with the finalized Tax Adjustment form, to get your claim processed.

Once the form is filed, your Case Manager will follow up with the CRA to ensure benefits are on their way to you.

If you do not receive any money back from the government we will fight your case until we exhaust all avenues. REMEMBER YOU PAY NOTHING UNTIL YOU RECEIVE MONEY BACK FROM THE GOVERNMENT.